The Cliché Lines That Make All Single Women Furious

Our life is literally full of clichés. They are lines we hear every day – some of them we even use ourselves without even realizing it. There are some lines that can make single women boil with anger.

These are the cliches you shouldn't use on single women.
Don’t use these cliche lines around single women unless you want to infuriate them.

These Cliches Make Steam Come Out Of Single Women’s Ears

Single women just hate it when people use these cliché lines on them, so be warned.

“Why are you still single?”

Good question. Unless a lady is single by choice, asking her that question will make her feel really bad. Why? Because it kind of insinuates there is something really wrong with her.

“Maybe you are too picky?”

Is being selective a bad thing? Does this mean that couple-up people have no standards? Of course not. It is bad enough the lady is alone, laying blame on her for not being able to find a partner can’t be very nice.

“Aren’t you happy you can do whatever you want without answering to anyone?”

Chances are she isn’t. Being in a relationship may mean you are committed to someone and there are certain restrictions, but if single life were better we wouldn’t all be looking for our other half.

“You’re too focused on your career to have a relationship”

Again, this sounds like an accusation. Women have as much right to a career as men, and accusing a lady of working is not nice. It’s also possible she puts in extra effort at work because she is trying to cover the void in her love life.

“You’re so lucky to have so much me-time”

Like the cliché regarding being independent, this is also a pretty daft thing to say. We do envy what we lack, but when a person is lonely with too much alone time, it is possible they are unhappy about it. Remember, we all need a special someone to share our life with.

It is possible that the above lines are uttered with the best intentions possible. They can, nevertheless, make single women feel hurt and awkward. So don’t be surprised if someone you know blows a fuse next time you use one of them on her.

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