The Different Stages Of A Relationship And How To Sail Through Them

Even though each relationship is unique, there are typically 5 main stages all relationships go through. And because each of the stages of a relationship builds on the previous one, much like a game of building blocks, if you lay good foundations on each one of them you are more certain to have a strong relationship.

All stages of a relationship can be enjoyable.

The Stages Of A Relationship Explained

The first stage of any relationship is the Romantic Stage. This is when the couple starts discovering things about each other. This stage is full of excitement and a little bit of awkwardness. Both partners seek to learn as much as possible about the other and also put their best self forward to try and impress. The physical attraction tends to take over everything, though. Tip: Be careful not to create unrealistic expectations by presenting a false image of who you are simply to impress her. It will be quite unpleasant once she discovers the truth later.

The second stage in a relationship is the Compromise Stage. When the first stage is over, it is time to face reality. Your partner is not perfect. You are not perfect. The main reason for this realization is that the original infatuation of the first stage slowly wears off, and we see our partner as an imperfect person. Also, this is when we start putting our limits and try to show who the boss is, which means a power struggle often takes place at this stage. Tip: set clear limits that you are comfortable with and check that you can put up with her flaws and limits too.

Following the Compromise Stage is the Security Stage. This is actually a pleasant stage in any relationship, as it feels like the calm after a storm. The couple has found stability and partners feel secure in each other’s company. If they have set the right limits and mutually stick to them, they should enjoy this phase. It is when they first start to think about making the next step, cohabitating. Tip: don’t rush things, but don’t be afraid to move forward if you feel like it either.

The fourth stage of a relationship is the Commitment Stage. By this stage, you know (almost) all about your partner – both her good side and the bad. You know what you can put up with, and she knows it too. You are enjoying each other’s company and feel confident that you now have feelings of genuine love for one another. This is when you are ready to take the next step. You move in together, you propose, she says yes and you are both over the moon. Tip: don’t take each other for granted. Complacency is unattractive.

The fifth and final stage in a relationship is the Creative Stage. You now feel your bond is practically unbreakable and feel ready to add to your family. You feel like a team that works towards a common cause: a happy family. Tip: don’t lose yourself. Work on the romance, don’t get lost in your commitments and responsibilities.

All stages of a relationship are important and they teach us a lot about ourselves and others. If we are respectful and honest we can build on each one of them so as to end up enjoying a blissful life with our other half.

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