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Is there really a formula for love? Some may find it difficult to believe but at, a confident YES is the answer. Love may be as mysterious and as magical as Merlin the Wizard’s sorcery but AsianDate has discovered that it’s all a matter of:

Timing + Effort + Sincerity + Spark or Chemistry


Timing is essential because the right conditions have to exist in order for love to happen. The basic conditions like financial stability, emotional maturity, cultural awareness, marital status, familial support and more are needed.
For example, if the person you’re interested in is not ready for a serious relationship then that’s simply bad timing. If the person you’d like to have a future with is not envisioning the same kind of future as you are, then that’s bad timing.

It’s one of those factors that you can’t really force. It just happens! Whatever you call it – timing, luck, or chance – it’s as essential as having the feeling of love itself.


It’s very self-explanatory. Falling in love is one thing but effort is needed to stay in love with the person you fell for. This is why it’s a part of the Asian Date formula of love. Many success stories of online couples from tell of video conferences during different hours of the day (including 2am), love letters or love emails (a dozen or more of them), late night phone calls accompanied by increasing phone bills, and so on.
Even if the “effort” you had in mind was totally different from what was described, you still need a good amount of it to really find and keep the kind of love you’re looking for.


What is love when it is not sincere and honest? What is love if there’s a hidden agenda to it? What is love if there’s deceit of even the slightest form? It is not love at all! And, no relationship will stand the test of time if it is filled with lies.

Good thing, however, that this factor is something that you can work on. If you feel like you haven’t been honest or sincere with the women you’ve been with, make the change because, for all you know, your insincere and dishonest ways may be the reason why you have not found the right one yet.

Spark or Chemistry

The reason why two people click, even if the relationship does not make sense to others, is because of the spark or the chemistry in between. This is the final ingredient in the formula and it is this essential ingredient that binds the first three ingredients together.

Greg, Huiling and the Formula for Love

Meet Greg and Huiling. This happy couple has been married for about 3 years. The pair met on and without them knowing it, they followed the formula and went through each constant ingredient to form the love they have now.

They’re just one of the many success stories from the AsianDate website that unconsciously solved the problem of love with a simple addition of 4 factors. Would you care to see if AsianDate’s formula of love will work for you like it did for Greg and Huiling? What are you waiting for? Find out today!

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