The Most Widespread Lies About Relationships

Anyone who enters a relationship does so with certain expectations and stereotypes about that it should be like and what they should expect from it. In reality, many of our preconceptions about relationships are based on either what Hollywood romances have taught us, or what we observe around us. Here are the most common lies about relationships.

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Debunking The Biggest Lies About Relationships

Since we aren’t taught about relationships at school (though some might say we should), we just believe what we’re told about that they should be like. This can be dangerous, though, as a misconception about relationships can actually ruin one that is perfectly alright. These are the most widespread (and dangerous) lies about relationships.

Lie #1 We should be with someone who’s just like us.

While agreement on some vital issues (like your life and relationship goals) is important if you want to stay together, it has been found that it isn’t so much compatibility that makes for a happy couple, but diversity. It’s what draws us to each other and what keeps us interested and intrigued about each other. Imagine how boring life would be if you always agreed on everything with your partner.

Lie #2 Only love at first sight is true love.

Even though Hollywood films have made it their business to praise the kind of love that comes from just looking at a stranger across the room, this is not the only kind of love there is. In fact, sometimes the love that is born and nurtured gradually through communicating and getting to appreciate every aspect of your partner (not just her looks) can be even stronger and more lasting than love at first sight.

Lie #3 Your partner should fulfill all the roles in your life.

Although it is true that your partner needs to be someone you can trust with your life, she shouldn’t be the only person that’s important to you. Close friends and family should also have an active role in our lives, as they have different things to offer us than our partner. A person who maintains a healthy social life is also more interesting and happy in his relationship.

Lie #4 Having a baby will save your relationship.

Babies are adorable, they are cute and snuggly and just amazing. But they are not the living and breathing solution to a dysfunctional relationship. In reality, a baby comes with huge responsibilities, it demands a total change in a couple’s lifestyle and it can put a great strain to an already problematic relationship. So, unless you have a strong, stable relationship, having a baby may not be the best of ideas and it will most certainly not solve your issues.

Lie #5 If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Probably the biggest lie ever told about relationships. In reality, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Fatalistically believing that any problems that arise will sort themselves out or the relationship is not worth keeping is an excuse to be passive and avoid responsibility. Relationships take work, effort, and constant alertness.

The biggest lies about relationships are the ones that we keep hearing and they do make sense when you don’t think much about them. However, if you analyze them a little, you’ll see how dangerous they are in leading us to wrong conclusions and mistaken life decisions, so always take the most widespread views about relationships with a pinch of salt.

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