The Myths and Truth about White Men Preferring Asian Women

There seems to be a direct connection between Caucasian men and Asian women because, when it comes to online dating, these two races gravitate towards each other like magnets of opposite charges. Why is this phenomenon happening? Well, a lot of online daters have expressed their thoughts on the matter on blogs and forums, but is there any truth to what they’re saying?

Asian Date | The Myths and Truth about White Men Preferring Asian Women
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Debunking the myths about dating Asian women

First of all, what online daters are saying is that Caucasian men have this preconceived notion of how an Asian woman is. They base it off of the movies they see where in Asian women act submissive, are wild cats in bed, and will wait on you, hand and foot. Online daters even have an expression for this phenomenon: “yellow fever”. This idea of an Asian woman is a total myth!

On the other hand, there are admirable qualities an Asian woman has like being thrifty, being willing to sacrifice for the family, can be a fantastic cook, and has high familial values. So here’s the truth: while there are Caucasian men who have caught yellow fever, there are those who genuinely want to meet women from Asia for their admirable qualities.

Now, let’s go to the myth of Asian women wanting Caucasian men because they are more financially stable. Let’s admit that there are Asian women who see Caucasian men as their ticket to the United States or Europe, but there are those who only want to meet Caucasian men for the purpose of learning another culture and experiencing something new.

As for an Asian woman’s preference, understand that majority of the Asian women who date online have mostly been exposed to Caucasian men, and that’s why they go with the familiar. For example, in the main cities in Asia, you will see a lot of foreign men who are Caucasian. It’s true that this barrier needs to be broken down, but there are some Asian ladies who prefer to meet Latin or African-American men. You just have to look harder.

To wrap it all up, to say that Asian women and Caucasian men only prefer each other is inaccurate. We buy into the myths because we don’t see the truth of the matter that often, but if you look close enough, you’ll see the difference. Did you find this helpful? For more Asian dating insights, visit more of our blog and check out the rest of our posts.