The Online Dating Errors That Are Keeping You From Finding Love

In an ever-changing world, we spend more and more of our time in front of our computer or mobile phone screens. We order food, we buy clothes, we find our way around cities and countries completely relying on them on an everyday basis. It’s only natural, then, that we will also use them in the search for true love. But since all this is relatively new, we are also bound to make mistakes. Here are some of the online dating errors that can be keeping you from finding true love.

There are certain online dating errors people keep making that don't let them find true love.
Have you been making these online dating errors?

The Most Common Online Dating Errors

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve spent a substantial amount of time online but have been unable to find that special someone. You could be making one of the following online dating mistakes.

#1 Your Profile Pic Is Not Your Best Representation. We have talked before about what a profile photo should be like. Don’t take it lightly; it is the very first thing that will attract her to you.

#2 You Lie About Who You Are. Even if you think it makes you look better or more attractive, remember that your objective is to find a girl who will be compatible to you. By lying about things, you only make this harder, so you may end up with the wrong person.

#3 You Regard Online Dating As A Game. Flirting is fun, and flirting online may offer the chance to do it with fewer inhibitions maybe, but finding love is serious business. Also, the fact that there’s a screen between you and her does not make her (or your) emotions less real, so pay attention to how you communicate with a woman you like.

#4 You Are Too Restrictive In Your Search. If you are only looking for a 30-year-old girl with curly hair that works as a doctor and listens to the Grateful Dead, don’t you think you may be restricting yourself a little? Expand your horizons, give people the chance to win you over and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

#5 You Don’t Read Ladies’ Profiles. Physical attraction may be very important for a romantic relationship, but do take the time to read ladies’ profiles too. It’s not a waste of time because it can actually save you time spent going after a girl who you have no common ground with. It may be a little time-consuming actually reading profiles, but it’s totally worth it.

Well, now you know what you’ve been doing wrong all along, it’s a good chance to up your game and get yourself the girl of your dreams.

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