The Reason Why She Hasn’t Made The First Move Yet

We already talked about how modern women approach dating these days. In one of our articles about this particular topic, we mentioned that modern women are not afraid to make the first move. So, you waited to see if there were any women who would send you a message first as you are online dating. So, why is your inbox still empty?

The Reason Why She Hasn't Made The First Move Yet | Asian Date
She hasn’t made her first move yet because of the reasons on the list below.

She Hasn’t Made The First Move And Sent You A Message Because…

You need to understand that there are ladies who are aggressive in their approach to online dating. They do not bend down to traditional expectations in real life, so why would they online? These ladies do not care what you or anyone thinks because they are secured in themselves. Unfortunately, these ladies are not a dime a dozen.

On the other hand, there are also modern women who have not quite embraced independent thinking yet. There are plenty of women like this in the online dating world, and what’s stopping them from making the first move are:


Although some aspects of these women’s thinking are very independent, they still value, to some degree, what society says about a woman. To be aggressive is to be less feminine, so these ladies are probably thinking that they do not want to lose their ladylikeness.

Some girls think that their aggressiveness could also have an effect on men. Let’s be honest in saying that there are men who can feel emasculated by a woman who is taking the lead.

Fear Of Rejection

Just like you, ladies also have a fear of being rejected. Some don’t, like what we said earlier, but most do. Aside from the thought of conforming to society, they also carry with them the fear of being refused to.

Traditional Thinking

If you’re on an Asian Dating site, the more likely that you will be dealing with ladies who have very traditional mindsets. The Asian culture and tradition have been embedded into the Asian people’s everyday lives so you cannot expect a lot of Asian women always to make the first move.

So, What Do You Do?

Make things less complicated for yourself and for the women who you could date. We did say that modern women can take the lead and make the first move, but when nothing’s happening, why wait? We have also mentioned in our other articles that you need to grab the bull by the horns when you want to be successful at online dating.

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