The Romantic Gestures That Hardly Ever Work IRL

You know those super-intense Hollywood film scenes where there is nothing sexier than kissing in the rain (think The Notebook and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, for instance), or those impossible scenarios where a surprise never goes wrong, a wedding speech is never too cheesy and all the silly presents you can think of are invariably appreciated? Then, think about the times these romantic gestures took place in real life. Exactly.

Kissing in the rain is one of the romantic gestures people think hardly ever works IRL.
Kissing in the rain sounds like fun, but what do people really think?

These Romantic Gestures Are Better Left As Scenarios

The popular American polling site, Ranker, put the burning question to the test, and internet users voted in their thousands. These are the romantic gestures that people consider as more liable to go wrong.

#1. Making Out In The Rain

The wet element is supposed to make the moment super sexy and romantic, but IRL it is quite possible to make you cold and, well, very possibly come down with pneumonia.

#2. Kissing Someone Mid-Sentence

On paper, you would think that being kissed while you are talking is a passionate expression of your lover who simply can’t wait for you to finish what you were saying. But, it can also be that they can’t wait for you to stop boring their socks off. Which of the two is it? You start wondering mid-kiss, and the romance is gone.

#3. Showing Up in the Shower Uninvited

Now, if this isn’t a scene we’ve seen in a million films. Your steamy bathroom seems like a welcome place for your lover, who shows up all of a sudden as you are trying to reach your back with your sponge. You’d much rather they had knocked before barging in and scaring the living daylights out of you if we’re being honest.

#4. Showing Up Unexpectedly at Their House

In the same way, voters thought the 4th worst idea for a romantic gesture is to just show up at your partner’s place uninvited. What can go wrong? Well, to begin with, they may think you are too clingy and needy. How romantic is that?

#5. Throwing Them a Surprise Party

Another great idea that hardly ever works is to throw your girl a surprise party. There are so many things that can go wrong here. She may realize you’re super anxious and she may choose to pretend not to know what’s going on (there goes the surprise), people may not turn up on time, she may walk in without you noticing or she may not even like surprises. Too many things to factor in, equal too many chances of things going awry.

#6. Proposing in a Super Public Place

Like, in the middle of a sports match or on camera during a TV show may seem like a fun, ballsy thing to do, but it’s also one of the most awkward gestures, as it puts the person proposed to in a very difficult position. Some things are best kept private.

#7. Watching Them Sleep

One word for this seemingly romantic thing to do: creepy.

No matter how romantic and spontaneous you may be, or how fun an idea might sound, there are some romantic gestures you may want to think about a little more.

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