The Things Coming Between You And Your Happiness

Whether you are coming from a hurtful break-up or just haven’t found the right one yet, you feel that you are not getting the love and the contentment that you deserve from a relationship and you are wondering why your happiness eludes you. It could be one of the following reasons.

Could your happiness be escaping you due to one of these reasons?
If your happiness seems elusive, maybe it’s time to consider these factors.

What’s Standing In The Way To Finding Your Happiness?

Every problem has its cause, and the first and biggest step towards fixing a problem is recognizing that cause. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons why some people find it so hard to find their happiness in the form of a successful relationship.

Carrying too much emotional baggage. One of the most common reasons why people find it so hard to move on and into a new relationship is that they are coming from a hurtful experience. It may be a hard breakup, the experience of being cheated on or even a divorce that makes us hesitant and afraid to love again.

Having unrealistic expectations. When we expect way too much from our relationships we, inadvertently, put a great burden on them.  We should be feeling proud of the things we have accomplished as parts of a relationship, but also realize that there will always be room for improvement.  Relationships are in a constant state of flux – just like us.

Not being patient enough.  Conventional wisdom says that “patience is a virtue” and this is also the case when it comes to our relationships. Every stage of a relationship has things to offer us and hurrying into things simply deprives us of the chance to enjoy the journey.

Not putting in enough effort.  In today’s fast-paced world it is often hard to find enough time and energy to dedicate to our personal relationships. However, half-baked attempts are just not enough if we want to establish deep and satisfying relationships. When our input is poor, we should not expect much of an output.

Being with the wrong person. When we have tried our best to make a relationship work and we have failed miserably to be happy in it, it may be time to start looking for the cause of our unhappiness outside our own selves. It may be that our partner is a good person, but not the right match for us.

Whatever it is keeping you from finding your happiness; don’t lose your faith in love. Most of the times, it just takes an honest introspection to find the root causes keeping us from finding bliss. When we do, though, our life becomes so much better.

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