The Truth About Dating Girls Who Have A Lot Of Guy Friends

When we’re in a relationship, we’ve all been in a position where we often wonder if it is ever OK for our significant other to have friends of the opposite sex. Of course, we try to convince ourselves that it is OK because we don’t want to seem like a person who jumps to inappropriate conclusions. But, if you’re reading this now, it’s likely that jealousy still got the best of you. Today, this post will finally give you the answer to your question about dating girls with male friends.

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How Should You Feel About Dating Girls With A Lot Of Guy Friends?

Generally speaking, we’ve all acquired a good amount of friends in our lifetime from both sexes. It would be wrong for you to ask your partner to give up friendships he or she has made over the years. But, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s the truth about women and their male friends:

Younger Women

Younger women tend to have more male friends. They also have the tendency to be open to making more male friends depending on their priorities. This is not to say that they have more male than female friends, but because of their age, younger women are less likely to think about settling down, having children, getting serious with someone, and the like.

Adult Woman

Women who are of the adult age are more selective with male friends they keep because their focus may be on other, more pressing matters – their career, finding a good match for marriage, financial stability, etc. It’s likely that most male friends of women this age have been long-time friends or colleagues from work.


So, to conclude this post, the age of your partner may affect her decision when it comes to hanging out or meeting male friends. But, here’s a tip that you should remember, when you feel your partner’s friendships with the opposite sex are affecting your relationship: you have to talk about it to sort things out. Dating girls with a lot of guy friends is OK but make sure that you talk about how you feel. This will be the key to overcoming your jealousy. For more relationship advice, make sure to check out other posts on our blog.