The Way You’re Acting May Be Turning Your Asian Date Off

Your Asian date just didn’t get cold and distant for no reason. It could be that you’ve said something wrong, but we’re betting more on the language that does not use any sound – body language. Here, we always say that your body communicates a message that always hints on exactly how you’re feeling.

your Asian Date

How NOT To Act When You’re With Your Asian Date

Not everyone is a master at reading body language, but there are distinct ways of telling whether a reaction is positive or negative. Whether you’re doing it consciously or not, the way you’re acting is turning your Asian date off. You need to fix this! Here are actions or gestures that you SHOULD NOT DO when on a date with your Asian lady:

Don A Closed Facial Expression And Body Position

When you’re not smiling, not making eye contact and have your arms closed – this blatantly communicates disinterest. It’s possible for you to get bored during dates, but don’t make it so obvious.

Raise Your Voice

During dates, it is possible for things not to go as planned. This may be frustrating for you especially if you’re the one who organized the date. Under no circumstances should you raise your voice at the waiter or whoever is serving you just because things went array.

Raise Your Brows When Speaking

When you speak about something, do you feel your eyebrows raising and your voice, all of a sudden, becomes arrogant-sounding? You need to watch out for this because Asian ladies don’t like men who brag too much or are overconfident.

Checking Your Phone Too Often

Are you on a date with your phone or with your Asian lady? It is just plain rude to keep checking your phone as the date is going on. Your Asian lady will not appreciate it because your attention is divided. Put the phone away and start listening and engaging in a conversation with your Asian date.

Just a few parting words; as mentioned, you might not be able to spot these at first glance. Don’t worry, just keep being aware of yourself and you’ll get the hang of it. For more dating tips, make sure to check out our other posts on our blog.