This Kind Of Thinking Will Help You Approach Any Woman You Want

When we see a lady, very interesting in our eyes, we make all of these assumptions about the person in our heads. Initially, the thoughts we have are positively grand. The bad thing about this is we think the person too perfect. We get cold feet and don’t plan to approach anymore because she might say no. What’s a good way to approach any woman we like without letting the fear or doubt get the best of us?

This Kind Of Thinking Will Help You Approach Any Woman You Want | Asian Date

Change Your Perspective To Help You Approach Any Woman

Do you know where our fear to approach any woman starts? No, it’s not because we already have an innate fear of rejection. That’s a different story. Our fear comes from thinking of the person too highly. That’s not a bad thing when done with moderation because, naturally, when we find a person attractive, we are going to think good things about them. But, when we put them on a pedestal, that’s when our fear starts creeping in.

So, the best way to deal with this is to come to terms with the fact that this person, the goddess you are looking at, will have her own flaws. She might have a lot of split ends, or she might like a lot of weird food. There are so many possibilities of flaws that you can think of. We’re human so we have a lot.

Isn’t It Diminishing?

Is thinking of a person in a more negative light diminishing? Not at all. It isn’t going to be diminishing if you don’t express your personal thoughts to the person. For example, if you’re thinking that this person probably has bad hygiene, you don’t go up to this person and say the exact thing you’re thinking about.

How Does This Technique Work?

It’s simple. As soon as you think that the person is on the same level as you – imperfect, short, dresses averagely – your fear won’t get the best of you anymore. Your confidence will improve and your sensitivity to rejection will have gotten better.

Try this technique out the next time you see a beautiful woman. Don’t forget to tell us how it went! Comment your experience below and let’s get a conversation going. For more dating articles, check out our blog here.