The Ways You Become Unattractive Without Even Realizing It

Even though there isn’t one person out there who doesn’t like being attractive to others and loved by them, there are certain behaviors and bad habits that make people seem annoying, obnoxious or just plain unapproachable. If you feel you may embody one of the characteristics mentioned below, it can be a way you become unattractive to others unbeknownst to you.

When you do these things you become unattractive
Are you becoming unattractive by doing the following things?

How You Become Unattractive Without Even Knowing It

Have you noticed you have a small circle of friends? Are you not getting much attention from the ladies once they get to know you a little better? Check out the following characteristics or habits that may be seriously harming your relationships.

You are too negative.

Yes, you are right, life is not rosy. And there is always a bad side to things. But there is also a good side, a positive one that you may be failing to notice by constantly focusing on the negative aspect of situations. People don’t like being around someone who has a problem for every solution.

You focus on superficial things instead of what really matters.

Do you care too much about how much people make, how much you possess and how good looking you are? Caring about your appearance and being ambitious are not inherently wrong, but ONLY caring about these things is. A person who devotes his whole being to superficial things can only ever form superficial relationships.

You are unreliable.

Can people count on you to be there in their time of need? Do your friends know for sure they can depend on you to offer your help if need be? If you are unavailable, yet turn to those around you for assistance when it’s the other way around, you should know you are being absolutely untrustworthy and unlikeable. Relationships of all kinds are a give-and-take, not a take-and-take.

You constantly compare yourself and your relationships to others’.

Are you never happy with what you have, believing that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? Do you suffer from low self-esteem that’s making you question your own worth and the value of your relationships? If you waste all your energy on making comparisons, how can you work on improving yourself and bond with those you love?

You are too bossy.

Some people have a strong personality and leadership qualities, and if you happen to be one of these people it is not necessarily a bad thing. However, if you are too assertive and strong-willed to listen to other people’s opinions and respect their needs and wants, they will probably tire of you and distance themselves in time.

You are rude.

And by rude we don’t just mean a person who curses and spits. A rude person may be someone who shows no respect for other people’s feelings, interrupting them as they speak, not showing patience and empathy when they need it the most and disregarding their opinions. These things make you equally obnoxious, you know.

How To Change Yourself And Improve Your Personal Life

The first thing to do is to accept that you are, indeed, doing some of the things mentioned here. Once you do, start working on yourself. Try to see things from a distance, as if you are the observer of your own self.

Think of the times people around you needed you, what did you do? Were you there for them? Think about hard situations, did you fail to see the glass as half-full? Think of the way you carry a conversation, do you properly listen to what others have to say?

Don’t deprive yourself of deep connections with people. Make small steps, try to listen, to genuinely care about how others around you feel, to be polite and show some emotional intelligence and empathy. You will soon find that you will transform into someone people actually like being around and you will also notice yourself becoming more popular as you regulate all the things that made you become unattractive in the past.