Thoughts You Should Never Have When You Are In A Happy Relationship

Definitely, we all want to be in a happy relationship. No one wants to be stuck in a kind of relationship that always brings you negative thoughts and emotions. However, despite knowing this, we sometimes find it hard to classify our relationship as unhealthy because we are so in love with the other person.

Thoughts You Should Never Have When You Are In A Happy Relationship | Asian Date

A Happy Relationship Doesn’t Give Birth To Destructive Thinking

Destructive thinking is definitely what your mind is going to bring forth when you are chronically plagued with heartaches and stress. Here’s a short list of the types of thoughts one may have when you are not happy with the union you’re in:

1. Past experiences with dates.

Because you are in an unhappy state, your mind goes off, thinking about past situations that made you happy. Past relationships and dates, for example, are constantly in your mind. It’s likely that you cannot help comparing your situation now from before.

2. You think about other people.

Instead of thinking about your partner, you day-dream about other people that might be better suited to you. Definitely, just like the first item on this lost, this will lead you to compare your partner with the person you are fantasizing about.

3. It’s better to hang out with friends.

Another thought that might come to your mind more often is the thought of spending time with your friends. You don’t want to spend time with your significant other because he or she is your main cause of stress.

4. We’re not married because…

When the discussion on marriage comes up, you always share your two cents on why you and your partner aren’t married yet. You make up excuses like you’re both not financially ready, or that you haven’t reached that point in your relationship yet.

5. My dream is to do this or that.

You know that you have a bright future ahead but you cannot imagine your partner in it. You already have plans and dreams for yourself alone, and you don’t want anyone to ruin it.

You have to do an assessment of your current relationship. If you have had one, two, or three of these thoughts, it’s ideal that you have to do something about it. Take a proactive step to solve your unhappiness. For more relationship tips, read other posts on our blog.