How Much Time Should You Ideally Be Spending On A Dating App

Because of the number of singles’ dating profiles circulating on the internet, our choices for matches are, practically, endless. Single people nowadays find it hard to navigate through the dating scene. With every new online site and dating app coming out to cater to everyone’s convenience, how can do you narrow down or filter through the plentiful profiles that come your way?

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The Surprising Truth About The Time We Should Be Active On Our Dating App

Just like online shopping, the logic of a dating app is to be able to able to find somebody that you date in the comforts of your own home and at your own convenient time. You just get your gadget and browse, browse, browse. So the main benefit would be convenience. Because it is easy for us, we don’t normally think about how many profiles we’ve already gone through. Or, how much time we have already spent browsing through those different profiles.

Experts say that a person should spend an average of 30 minutes on the dating app per day. The purpose is for people to find a suitable date and then go out to meet the date in real life. If you don’t move forward, then the tendency is for you to go back to your gadget and find somebody else.

Why Just 30 Minutes?

Nowadays, we spend so much time on a dating app. Sometimes, up to an hour and a half, and not as much time going out. It seems that we are just there to “window shop” for a potential date or partner but are not really motivated to actually go out on in real life. 30 minutes is enough for someone to browse through enough profiles, ask out someone interesting, and still go on with life. 30 minutes prevents people from experiencing dating burn out as well.

Experts say that the time can be extended to 30 minutes during the day and the same amount of time at night. Do an hour maximum per day if you’re really active on a dating app. Or, do more if you please, just be careful not to get sucked in losing the sense why are you there in a first place. In other words, if you find someone online you really connected with, work on that relationship until you get to a point to meet with that person. Just don’t waste your time on dating apps if you are just there to see what (or who) else is behind another corner.

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