Tips For AsianSingles: Are Empaths And Narcissists The Perfect Match?


Empaths are those who have the ability to understand the mental or emotional state of other people. In other words, empaths are individuals who are sensitive to the needs of others; they are caring and kind too. What would happen if AsianSingles that were empaths came together with their opposites? Would this type of relationship work?

Asian Date | Tips For AsianSingles: Are Empaths And Narcissists The Perfect Match?

Tips For AsianSingles: What Happens When An Empath Loves A Narcissist?

It’s inevitable for those who are in the dating pool to ask these questions. Many believe that opposites attract and that could be true with empaths and their opposites which are narcissists.

You see, an empath is attracted to people who are broken. Empaths love to take care of others so they can be whole again, and we all know that narcissists love the attention. So, it’s a perfect fit. But here’s what really happens when these two opposites come together:

1.  Validation

A narcissist always craves for validation. Let’s be honest in saying that empaths love to give validation to the people they care for. By this scenario, you can tell what an empath is feeling because he or she says it out loud, but the problem lies in the narcissist. If you’re an empath, you won’t know what a narcissist feels about you except when he or she says it, which doesn’t happen often.

2. Manipulation

Narcissists tend to be manipulative, and that’s exactly what they will do when they are with an empath. A narcissist wants an empath to him or herself. They don’t want to share the person with other people, so they’ll slowly manipulate the situation, so the empath is isolated from friends and family, making the empath feel that no one cares. That, alone, is not healthy already.

3. Taking On The Traits

Because empaths are so sensitive to others’ emotional needs, they tend to absorb whatever trait their partner has. They mirror it to the point where they feel the vast change in themselves. At this stage, the relationship will already be rocky because of constant conflicts. It’s at this time in the relationship where the empath stands up for him or herself, wanting to prove that his or her feelings matter too.

Do you know where this is headed? Eventually, an empath will realize that the relationship has never been reciprocal. So the bottom line for AsianSingles, or any other singles really, empath-narcissist relationships never work out so forget about the opposites attract part.

Go with a person who can reciprocate all the love and care that you’re giving into a relationship. For more dating tips, visit our blog. Don’t forget to drop by the Asian Date to meet beautiful AsianSingles.