AsianDate Dating Service: Introducing Safety Measures

AsianDate, the leading online dating service, reveals the safety measures and profile verification methods they use when accepting new members. Out of some them, AsianDate highlights that the most important one is the profile verification. These methods are used to ensure the members’ safety when they engage in dating over the web.

Focusing on Member Safety

AsianDateBecause AsianDate recognizes its role as a leading dating portal, they take the issue of safety very seriously. The portal sees their anti-scam methods holding a key role in the company’s success. Every member of the site is notified of what the security measures are and how vital the process of profile verification is to their safety. AsianDate has put together a team of professionals and regularly adds staff to it to strengthen their security systems even more.

The Verifying Process

The anti-scam team ensures that all members receive guidelines. That helps make sure they are aware what exactly they need to do when involved in a potential scam. Each and every profile of newly registered female members is individually verified. The process includes recording an interview as well as verifying the woman’s identity. The interview is to ensure the validity of the information the woman has provided for her profile.

The  Role  of the Anti-Scam Team

The process of monitoring the profiles is ongoing, and the anti-scam team can be notified as soon as any issues arise. When a member finds that the lady radically misrepresents herself in conversations or on her profile, they can report it to the staff. The team then takes a look at the specific situation and takes appropriate action. Among the many useful anti-scam methods, there is also the policy of claiming a refund for wasted credits.

Additional Information

There is also a list detailing the common red flags in online dating as well as useful ways to go about communicating with the ladies. For instance, when arranging dates, members are encouraged to do so only via the portal. They are also recommended to never send any money to an online partner. The anti-scam policy advises that every person that asks for money is reported to the site’s anti-scam team.