Why Being a Member of AsianDate is Beneficial

AsianDate lady JingPingBeing a member of one of the most popular online dating services, AsianDate has its upsides. By signing up, you not only get to meet amazing women from all around Asia but in addition you have a much better online dating experience than you would with any other site. This highly regarded online dating service has added updates to their membership offers and allows both new and existing members to take full advantage of the top services they have to offer.

A list of the updates:

1. Sign Up Credits

Also known as Welcome Credits, this package is for new members. When a person signs up and activates the membership, they will automatically get 20 credits free of charge. These credits can be used for live chatting, using CamShare and all other ways to communicate via the AsianDate portal. There is a lot you can do with just 20 credits.

2. Free Chats

Once the membership is activated, AsianDate will grant you 10 free chats. Not to worry if you have no plans to use them all in one go because system replenishes them as soon as a new month arrives. The chat credits are reloaded every month to help you stay connected to the women that have caught your attention.

3. Love Notes

Another wonderful credit package is for love notes – they no longer require spending credits when you’re a member. The service is free of charge no matter how many notes you want to send to no matter how many women. You will get great savings from this.

4. Daily Credits

You need to be a member to access these credits and not only that. You also need to sign up for this particular offer. Once you have signed up you can use free credits on three different occasions by making a single purchase. There is a rule involved: you need to start with no credits to qualify. You can get a new set of credits after you make another purchase.

5. Free CamShare Session

Check the AsianDate’s bonus program. By using some services you earn points. Once you have collected 200 points, you are eligible for a free session with CamShare. Live Chatting earns members 1 point for every 10 minutes spent chatting. Therefore an hour of chatting will give you a total of 6 points. The service that members can earn most points with is the Gifts and Flowers feature.

6. Credits Package

This credits package aims to help members save. So you would have great value, AsianDate has put together a credits package with 500 extra minutes for calls. The free minutes are added to your next CallMe conversation.

These 6 great packages help both to boost your online dating experience as well as help you save. All you must do is join the site, activate the membership and use the services you prefer to talk to the ladies. Consistency with using the site also offers you points.

AsianDate is always looking to improve in order to offer their members an even greater online dating experience, therefore you can expect more fun offers in the future.

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