The Top Most Unattractive Body Parts In Men

In the world of dating, it’s true that looks don’t matter but men need to understand that attractiveness isn’t just measured by how chiseled one’s physical features are. Sometimes, it’s all about just cleaning up or updating your look. It could also be a matter of good hygiene. To prove it, we listed down ladies’ opinions on the topmost unattractive body parts in men.

The Top Most Unattractive Body Parts In Men | Asian Date

Men Need To Work On The Following Unattractive Body Parts

You need to know that this post is not meant to diminish your confidence. On the contrary, if you want to improve your chances with the ladies, you have to listen to what they say, especially about unattractive body parts that you can improve or work on:

1. Skinny Legs & Arms

If you want to get more dates, you may have to hit the gym every now and then. Don’t think of it as an act of chivalry – an act that you do for the ladies. Exercising is beneficial to you, physically. If the by-product of taking care of yourself is more dates, then why not?

2. Bad Teeth

Most women don’t mind crooked teeth, for your information. What women don’t like is a person with plaque, tooth-decay, and cigarette-stained teeth. You might want to consider visiting your dentist.

3. Bushy Or Overly Groomed Brows

There are men who like to get their brows done, believe it or not. If your brow looks better than your brows date, you have a problem. On the other hand, if have bushy brows, or a uni-brow, you might want to have them trimmed a little. Natural yet groomed is the way to go.

You might be thinking that these are all superficial changes that you can make on your unattractive body parts. And, you’re right. The deal is that, just like men, women see what you look like first. Afterward, that’s when they dig on the surface to see what you’re made of – they check out your personality and character. This is why you have to work on your looks a little bit.

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