Toxic Relationship Beliefs That We Shouldn’t Trust

Being in a relationship has its ups and down. But, it’s a different situation when you feel like you’re always on the losing end. It probably stems from toxic relationship beliefs that have been ingrained in your system. The unfortunate thing is that most of us consider these beliefs to be truth or facts.

Toxic Relationship Beliefs That We Shouldn't Trust | Asian Date

Toxic Relationship Beliefs That Are Hindering Your Relationship’s Success

We pick up toxic relationship beliefs over the years of our existence and when we are in relationships. Some, we might embrace because they have been taught to us ever since we were young. Well, things need to change starting today:

1. You always have to compromise.

In every healthy relationship, there will always be disagreements. While you sometimes keep quiet to keep the peace, you should know when to compromise or not. It is most especially healthy for you to speak up when your line is already crossed.

2. You need to share everything.

When in a relationship, we expect to share things with our partner, which include time, money, and the home. But just because you have a partner or spouse doesn’t mean that you don’t keep your personal space. That includes your hobbies, friends, and even your job.

3. You should always put the other person first.

When we love somebody, we have always been told that we will keep their needs and desires over ours. While that’s noble, you also have needs that should be met. Otherwise, you will eventually burn out.

4. Fighting is not right.

Being two individuals put together in a singular situation, fights will not be uncommon. Don’t think of it as unhealthy. As long as these do not escalate to violence, occasional disagreements are common and rather healthy. That means that both of you have not lost sight of your identities.

5. Your partner should be your only friend.

It’s such a blessing to find a partner who can be your best friend. However, it doesn’t mean that you should cut off all ties with your other friends because your partner wants you to. That is not healthy.

6. You will be happier in a relationship.

Some people have grown up with the belief that being in a relationship is the only thing that will make them truly happy. While relationships can indeed make you happier, you should already be a happy person before entering it.

All these toxic relationship beliefs will bring ruin to you and your relationship. These are all wrong notions that you should change in order to have a healthier and happier union. Check out our blog for more tips.