Turn Your Past Relationship Mistakes Into Valuable Lessons

Who hasn’t made relationships mistakes? Sometimes we might try our best, but our best may not be enough. How do you leave a relationship, though? Do you just continue to the next one as exactly the same person, no lesson learned? Or do you try to understand yourself and relationships better? In reality, we should be grateful for our past relationship mistakes because they are simply preparing us for the happiness we deserve.

Valuable lessons to be learned by past relationship mistakes,

Lessons Past Relationship Mistakes Can Teach Us

Don’t be afraid to show your feelings. Especially when we are young, we are not confident enough to show our true feelings for someone and go out of our way to try to act cool and unbothered. Growing up we learn to be more honest and unafraid to express how we feel. Sad as it may seem, some breakups occur because people are just not sharing their emotions enough.

Don’t take feelings or people for granted. In long-term relationships, people often tend to become overly confident and complacent. This is when the worst happens. Someone else shows genuine interest and sparks fly again for your girl – and you lose her. Always be aware of the fact that no one is your possession and feelings can and do change if left behind for too long.

Don’t lose yourself in the relationship. When she met you, you were interesting. You went to gigs, you had your hobbies, and you had your own friends. Then, you morphed into a couch potato that had no real interest other than watching TV, and neglected all your friends because you couldn’t bother to make the effort to maintain your friendships. How did you neglect yourself like this? Don’t beat yourself up – just don’t do it again. She will respect and admire you for being an interesting individual.

Be with someone you truly admire. While it is essential to be physically attracted to someone, a relationship solely based on this criterion is doomed, as you might have noticed. Find yourself a girl you look up to, whether for her kind heart, her sharp mind, her enthusiasm or impressive studies – it is up to you to choose what draws you more to her personality. But while physical attraction might fade, this won’t go.

Leave when the spark is over. Don’t cheat, don’t pretend to avoid hurting her, and don’t lie to yourself. If you no longer want to be with her, it is best to just man up and end things. If you have drawn out a relationship in the hopes it would be salvaged or because you hated being alone, you will know how painful and tormenting it really is. Some relationships can’t be salvaged, and it takes wisdom and determination to recognize that.

Granted, you may not be proud of your past errors. But if you can turn your past relationship mistakes into gold, you can be sure that you are living life the best way possible, and that there are better things for your around the corner.

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