Two Things You Must Do For A Successful Seduction

No one can claim to have found the key to any woman’s heart, or indeed that there is one single recipe for it, but there are two main things you must do that will help you very much towards a successful seduction when out on a first date with the lady that tickles your fancy.

Do these two things for a successful seduction.
Have you mastered the art of seduction?

The Two Pillars Of A Successful Seduction

The School Of Life, a revered modern philosophical School that promotes Emotional Intelligence, recognizes two main things as the foolproof ways to achieve a successful seduction. Wonder what they are? Read on.

Make Peace with Your Imperfections

Even though most of the time we hear that presenting ourselves and our achievements in the best possible light when out on a first date is the best technique if we want to make a great impression, according to the School Of Life it can have the exact opposite effect.

That is not to say we should denigrate ourselves and start listing out our most negative attributes, of course. It simply means that we should be comfortable with the fact we are only human and, hence, flawed.

As the narrator in the School of Life’s video puts it, “what makes us attractive as a potential partner is a degree to which we can recognize our own failings.” Therefore, lightly joking about our imperfections or humbly accepting that we are far from perfect will actually win us points for our sincerity and give our date an idea of what they are dealing with.

Accept Your Prospective Partner’s Imperfections

The second, equally important, thing to do in order to seduce our date is to show her we accept her flaws too. The fact we are not putting her on a pedestal might make her feel puzzled at first. However, soon she will realize how less pressured to appear perfect she feels, and how much more secure in the knowledge you’re not blind to her own failings – just able to cope with them.

Everyone knows that the adoration that comes in the beginning of a relationship, this kind of selective blindness most experience goes faster than you can say “third date”. So, there is an amazingly reassuring feeling that comes with the knowledge that even though you see her flaws, you aren’t put off by them.

As the narrator says: “It’s deeply worrying to be obviously adored because deep down most people realize they don’t deserve this intense acclaim.”

No matter what your flirting style is or how adept you are at the art of seduction, keep in mind these two basic rules and you will definitely have more chances of a successful seduction.