Unhealthy Dating Signs That Show Your Life Is Being Ruined

We can get too excited especially during the early stages of dating. Usually, this excitement wanes and you settle into a more comfortable and slow pace. However, when the excitement phase continues over the long haul, there might be a problem in the relationship. You may need to watch out for unhealthy dating signs.

Unhealthy Dating Signs That Say Your Life Is Being Consumed | Asian Date

If You Spot Any Of These Unhealthy Dating Signs, Do Something Right Away

There are obvious unhealthy dating signs and there are ones that are not so obvious. The ones on this list may come as a surprise to you. These acts may be ok or seemingly harmless, but if you spot this in your partner, you have to do something about it:

1. Your partner is constantly calling or texting you.

When you started dating, it seems that you have not left your phone, as you are always chatting or sending text messages. If this continues as your relationship progresses, great, but both of you should respect your times at work. If your partner is insistent on contacting you 24/7, it’s a red flag.

2. Errands? What errands?

As a living being, we all have responsibilities to do. You have to go to the salon, buy groceries, or pay your bills. If you’re not doing this anymore because you’re stuck at home, dating online, it’s another red flag. Though it’s good to dedicate your time to love, it shouldn’t be a big chunk of your time. You have other things to do.

3. You keep putting off meeting your friends.

Your friends are your safety nets. But, you can’t even squeeze an afternoon to be with them throughout the week because your date is constantly hogging your every waking hour. It’s never a good sign when your date isolates you from friends and family.

4. You’re finding ways to avoid your date.

You should find it strange when you, yourself, want to avoid the person you’re dating. You may feel like the person is important to you, but you want space because everything might be moving too fast.

5. You are exhausted.

With all the constant demands from your date plus all your responsibilities and the lack of sleep, it is no wonder that you are exhausted—physically, mentally, and even emotionally.

When your date is like this, you might have to put your foot down. Unhealthy dating signs like these are usually signs of problems that may come later on in the relationship. You might want to impose changes. If your date disagrees, it’s time to let the relationship go. For more tips on relationships, read other posts on the blog.