Don’t Want To Be Unlucky In Love Anymore? The Solution Is Crazy Easy

How many times have you looked at people around you and wondered how they can be so loved-up and happy in their relationships, old and new, while you are coming from a string of hurtful experiences and just feel like you’re completely unlucky in love? You’re not the only one, but there’s no reason to give up.

An expert explains the way to stop being unlucky in love.
Do you feel like you’re unlucky in love? There are things to do about it.

What’s To Blame For Being So Unlucky In Love?

Famous meditation guru, inspirational speaker, blogger and author, Jody Shield, gave an enlightening interview with Business Insider, seeking to explain what makes some people unlucky in love. Here’s what she said.

“Without clearing and processing our past we are gently giving out information to the world based on our past relationships that weren’t so nice. So when we’re giving out negativity from past relationships, what happens? We attract in the same negativity in future relationships.”

This probably explains why the people we meet when we are in a negative state are not right for us. They are probably carrying a similar kind of emotional baggage and tons of negativity themselves, which means relationships with them are very likely to be toxic and wrong for both.

How To Turn Your Luck Around

She continues with some valuable advice: “A way of releasing the past is first of all awareness – just begin to notice repeating patterns and behaviors of relationships and people that are coming into your space. Just get aware. Notice the same things happening again and again. Awareness is a really, really great first step.”

According to the highly-acclaimed former business director, the only way to move forward is to look around and within us, search for the repeated patterns in our relationships. Are we choosing people who mistreat us? Have we adopted a certain role in our relationships that we keep repeating mistakenly? Only by truly noticing the things we do wrong will we be able to recognize the problem and, subsequently, try and fix it.

So, perhaps instead of just blaming fate for our being so unlucky in love, maybe it is a better idea to actively wonder what we may be able to do in order to improve our chances of falling happily in love.