These Unusually Attractive Things Can Make Women Fall In Love With You

What is it that makes people fall in love with others? Most would say a beautiful smile, pearly white teeth, a lush head of hair, expressive bright eyes, and a slender frame are the features that constitute the most attractive traits. There are, however, some unusually attractive things we may not even have imagined that can make ladies fall in love with guys, according to Reddit users.

These unusually attractive things can make ladies fall for you.
Be proud of the unusually attractive features you possess.

The Unusually Attractive Things Girls Love

Reddit users answered the question: “What is something unusual that you find attractive in others?” and some of their answers are mighty interesting.

“Someone who isn’t that friendly or overly nice when you first meet them or with strangers but once you become their friend, they make it clear they like and care about you”, said user greenhayday.

“(Dark circles around the eyes) can be pretty sexy. My boyfriend has them and it makes him look mysterious. I cover mine up with makeup tho. Lol.”, quips flyoverthemoon, with Ligny agreeing: ”I think that’s why I like Matthew Gray Gubler so much. He has great under eye circles.”

metalmilitia587 is laconic but clear: “Big noses”. dizzyizzie agrees: “I’m with you on that. It adds personality to a face.” And a third user, Terriberrixo, later posts “I love guys with big noses. I’ve noticed consistently in guys I am attracted to most of them have big noses. No clue what it means”

For eSorghum, “‘Left-handedness” is all it takes.

Lajho is more descriptive: “I really like the look of certain men’s hands. I don’t really know how to describe it. Can’t be too big or bulky, not too bony either and with clean well-groomed nails. Like these.

And when a guy has his back turned to you and you see his shoulder blades move and the muscles of his back flex through his shirt.

Hottest things on earth IMO (besides veiny arms but that’s not uncommon I think).”

jxsuschrist says it’s “one of those little wrinkles in between the eyebrows that makes them look tough.”

Continuing the wrinkles talk, shelbysj adds: “Crows feet wrinkles on men! It makes someone look so genuine when they smile.”

And remoteparts is quite certain about what she likes (and why): “ Short guys. Lanky guys look so feminine and weird and stretched out. Tall chunky guys look too just big. Also: many women will immediately pass on a guy who is short. Thus there are many guys whose only ‘fault’ is that they are short. They can be stable, handsome, kind, generous but a lot of women have some cut off that’s like over 5ft10 only. If you go for short guys, there is a higher chance of finding a quality man. Plus, it just looks cute.”

And we are finishing this list of unusually with a trend that never seems to get old: the dad bod. “Mine isn’t too unusual, but I dig guys with the “dad bod” style. Despite being pretty active and eating reasonably healthy, I’ve almost always been on the chunkier side and I feel like an overly fit guy would make me feel like a whale. Not saying I wouldn’t date a fit guy, I’m just usually more attracted to ‘in the middle’ guys”,  says Whoreo2.

So, if you feel self-conscious about something that’s traditionally viewed as a flaw, be sure – even if it’s not on this particular list of unusually attractive things – that someone out there will fall in love with you for it.