Update Your Dating Trend Dictionary

Finding the right person to date for a potential long-term relationship can already be hard enough. Today, singles are finding another obstacle that’s a bit hard to keep up with – negative dating trends. Yes, most of us probably already have a full dating trend dictionary with all the coined terms emerging year after year.

Update Your Dating Trend Dictionary | Asian Date

How Long Has It Been Since You Last Updated Your Dating Trend Dictionary?

It’s time to review some of the terms that you may have already learned and add a few new ones that you should definitely keep on your radar:


Up until five years ago, printing had an entirely different meaning. Now, it is a term used when you are on a digital fact-finding mission about a potential partner but you accidentally leave your digital footprint on their profile. It’s like accidentally liking your crush’s picture.


This is actually another popular dating trend. You are dating somebody now, but have a few other people who act as “pillows”, just in case this date doesn’t work out. It’s like having several options. They sort of “cushion” the situation when things go awry.

Sunday Night Fever

This is actually a phenomenon that should be a part of your dating trend dictionary. On Sunday nights, it was recorded that all online dating sites have a spike in activity. This goes to show that singles didn’t have an exciting weekend so they resort to online dating sites and dating apps in order to look for a potential partner.


Much like Hansel and Gretel, breadcrumbing means leading someone on. You leave “crumbs” or signs that you are interested to lead them on. But sometimes, that’s all there is to it, leaving “signs” with no intention of following through.


This is a newly coined term that is the combination of two words: phone and snubbing. Literally, it’s when you are together with your date but he or she is more interested in his or her phone instead of talking to you. This is awfully rude but is very common among couples.


This speaks about two people’s active social media interaction, even after they have broken up already. It is literally being in each other’s orbit, even if there is no longer a relationship.

Which dating trend did you add to your dating trend dictionary? Make sure that leave room for more because the year isn’t over yet. Although it’s a sad fact that these trends will keep on appearing, we can only hope for the best when it comes to matters of our heart. For more tips, check out more on our blog.