The Fool-Proof Ways To Maintain A Happy Long-Distance Relationship

All relationships are hard, but if you throw the distance into the mix, things get even more complicated. Why do people form them though? Guess what, it’s because they make us feel great too. If you are looking for the way to have a happy long-distance relationship, this is what you need to do.

A happy long-distance relationship is easier than ever today.
Sharing everyday moments is one of the ways to keep a happy long-distance relationship.

The Three Major Ways To Enjoy A Happy Long-Distance Relationship

Despite the fact that every couple’s dynamic is different, there are three ways that can be used by everyone who wishes to keep his long-distance relationship hot and exciting. Here they are.


Some of the couples who are part of a long-distance relationship tend to avoid any conversation about when they will meet. Whether you are in a distance relationship with someone you have never physically met (like someone you met online), or with someone you have met but can’t live near (like someone you met on vacation or a colleague who was moved away), it is wrong to act like there is no distance between you.  Planning your encounter – how and where you will meet, what you will do together, even the smallest details and how you expect to feel when it finally happens – will fill you with excitement and it will amplify your longing for each other. Making common plans is not something you should avoid. On the contrary, it’s something you should encourage, as it helps you acknowledge you are both part of a relationship with strong potential and real feelings involved.


Are you cooking lunch? Putting the grocery away? Reading your Sunday paper as you sip your coffee in your balcony? These are all things you’d casually do in each other’s company if you lived under the same roof, so why not share these moments together? You can do your own thing and not be constantly looking at your screen, but the moments you catch a glimpse of her going about her daily routine will make it all seem more real and casual and normal.


If she tells you she has to make a presentation at work, send her a special pen that she can use during the presentation as a reminder of you. If you’re missing your girl like crazy, send her a nice bouquet of flowers she won’t be expecting, and if you see a piece of clothing or jewelry that you feel would suit her; send it to her as a surprise. Ask her to wear it for you and to think of you every time she puts it on. It will not only show her you care, but it’ll be a constant reminder of your care, attention and genuine interest and admiration.

Long-distance relationships are nothing new, people have been fascinated by and attracted to other people from anywhere in the world since forever. And maintaining a happy long-distance relationship is easier than ever today, thanks to modern technology. All it takes is real desire to make things work and genuine feelings on the part of both partners.