Ways To Avoid Relationship Stress During Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be the jolliest time of the year, but it’s not the case for some people. There are those who view the holidays as a very stressful time. Let’s take couples as an example, for most, relationship stress is inevitable.

David McCandless, a data journalist from London, and Lee Byron analyzed Facebook updates for one year to find out specific holidays that have an increased number of couples breaking up.

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They summarized the data they collected in an infographic which reveals that couples tend to break up more a few weeks before Christmas. This is why a lot of people consider the Christmas season as the break-up season. One possible reason for break-ups rising during the holidays is stress.

How To Stay Away From Relationship Stress While Still Going With The Holiday Spirit

First of all, a sit down should happen weeks before the holidays come. The couple should discuss how to approach the Christmas – whose family they are going to spend Christmas eve or Christmas day with, how many Christmas parties they’re going to attend, how many people are they going to give gifts to, and the like. Sorting out everything just makes things easier, more organized and it prevents relationship stress from arising.

Once a couple has done this, they can now move on to these tips:

1. Appreciate Each Other

The both of you are going to have so much stuff to deal with during the holidays that it will most likely cause one partner to feel unappreciated. To remedy this, all it takes is for the other to say thank you. In fact, don’t miss the chance to say thank you to the person you’re with every time you see that they are sad, upset or burned out.

2. Go Solo

This suggestion may sound counterproductive, but hear us out. You don’t need to go to everything together as a couple if it is not possible. For example, let’s say one partner has a Christmas party to attend at his or her office, while the other needs to attend a family thing. Don’t force going to both events together. Understand that you may have to go solo during the events, especially if your presence is mandatory.

3. Limit The Parties You Go To

It would be fun to attend all the parties you’re invited to, but that’s just not possible. You want to minimize or eliminate relationship stress, not add or create it. Just pick two or three parties.

If you get through relationship stress during the holidays, your relationship will get better. Don’t forget to have some time for yourselves as a couple to further strengthen your relationship.

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