What Are The Asian Beauty Ideals?

Each culture has its own beauty ideal. This diversity gives each one of us a different eye for beauty. Today, let’s take a look at what the Asian beauty ideal is. If you’re into Asian dating online, you might just agree with this list of what Asians consider to be beautiful.

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What is Asian Beauty?

You may have already figured out that Asian beauty is different from what Westerners view as beautiful. Most of the time, the ideals are opposite. For example, most Westerners view tanned or olive skin as beautiful. In Asia, the opposite is true. Here are a few more Asian beauty ideals that you may want to know:

1. Youthfulness

Youthfulness is one ideal that many Asians find to be beautiful. In this case, it would mean baby soft skin, soft thick brows, and a petite figure. The goal is to look younger than your age. This is the reason behind why a lot of Asian women have very strict diets and skincare regimens.

2. Lighter and Smoother Skin

As mentioned, a lot of Asians find fair skin beautiful. A good proof of this is on Asian cosmetics. BB creams, for example, don’t really have a wide range of color choices. Despite the lack of color options, BB creams are still widely popular because they were designed to pique the interest of Asian women.

It’s not just fair skin too. If you have smooth skin that appears blemish-free and pore-less, many Asians will find you attractive.

3. Sweet and Feminine

Asian ladies have always aimed to act coy, dress feminine, and be as charming as possible to attract a mate. The reason behind this is because being feminine is found to be attractive to all Asians. A girl being “lady-like” is viewed as cultured, delicate and sweet. The “damsel in distress” idea still plays a significant role when Asians date.

Are you attracted to this kind of beauty?

A lot of men have been captivated by the Asian beauty. Although it may not be as glamorous as the Western beauty, the Asian beauty ideals seem to have captured a lot of attention, especially in the online dating realm. If you want to meet a lot of Asian beauties online, visit this website.