What Asian-American Couples Want You To Know

Asian-American couples have a lot of obstacles to face, not just within but, outside of the relationship. One main obstacle Asian-American couples have to overcome is society telling them the relationship is a sham. Let’s not forget the nay-sayers in the couples’ friends and families too. Most couples can step over this kind of obstacle without any problems, but there will come the point when the desire to say something arises.

Asian Date | What Asian-American Couples Want You To Know
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5 Things Asian-American Couples Want To Voice Out

If Asian-American couples can voice out their answers to the society, and their friends and family, they would probably say the following:

1. What we have goes beyond the colors of our skin.

People have often labeled preferring Asian women as having “yellow fever.” And then there’s this misconception about Asian women gravitating towards American men only. Well, most Asian-American couples’ relationships go beyond skin color. It’s not just about preferring a specific race, but it’s more of a deeper connection with each other. Not all Asian-American couples have fetishes with race.

2. She’s not after my money.

It’s funny how most people insinuate that Asian females are automatically after a white male’s financial assets. Here’s what society doesn’t know. Most Asian women can hold their own. They might already have a successful business or have a job that pays well even before they met their American partner.

3. We have not solved racism.

Here’s another misconception that people have. Just because Asian-American couples come from different races, it doesn’t mean that being together solves the problem of racism. Being together just means that the two people in the relationship are open-minded.

4. So what if we’re in a relationship?

A lot of Asian-American couples have always disliked the fact that people are making their relationship a big deal. They don’t fully understand why it’s a big deal, and people around them don’t even bother saying what all the fuss is about. “Chill out!” is a good phrase a lot of Asian-American couples want to say.

5. We’re learning new things about each other, and it’s wonderful!

Being an interracial couple means that the two people discover new things about one another every day. It’s a beautiful thing that no one should frown upon. An interracial relationship is just like anyone else’s so why is it any different?

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