What To Say To Any Woman To Leave Her Impressed

When you have a conversation with a woman, how can you leave her impressed? That’s one of the biggest problems men have when dating women. To make a connection, you have to talk, and not just talk but talk in a way that feels natural. However, initiating a conversation, keeping a conversation going and complimenting women prove to be difficult tasks most of the time.

What To Say To Any Woman To Leave Her Impressed | Asian Date
The compliments on this list sound better, and they work.

Leave Her Impressed With These Words

But fret not because you’re not alone in this. In today’s post, we focus more on how you can give genuine-sounding, non-awkward compliments that will leave her impressed, surprised and interested. Forget about the “you’re so beautiful” line because it’s old and worn out. Try these instead:

“You have a good sense of humor.”

Girls are used to hearing that they are beautiful and that they have nice eyes. What they’re not used to hearing is that they are funny. Girls want to be funny because most think that this is what guys are attracted to. It’s true, isn’t it? Guys are attracted to ladies with a good sense of humor.

“You have such great hair.”

So remember when we said that women are tired of hearing the “you are so beautiful” line? There’s a variation of this compliment that you can say to leave her impressed. Instead of plainly saying that she’s pretty (which she may already know), say something specific about a feature of hers that you admire.

If you think she has great smelling hair, then go ahead and tell her. If you think she’s got great teeth or a great smile, tell her. Don’t just limit yourself to her physical features too. You can compliment her dress, the way she walks, the way she pronounces certain words – whatever quirks she has that you love.

“You’re not like everyone else. You’re different.”

This is probably the best compliment that you can give to any woman. Every lady secretly thinks of herself as special. When you tell her that she is, it’s like validating what she’s always thought. She will appreciate a compliment like this the most.

What You Need To Remember With Giving Compliments

Before any of the compliments listed above leave your lips, remember that you cannot just say them because you want to impress a lady. You have to say them because you mean it. It also requires a good sense of timing to make the compliments sound natural. So, what you have to do is to strike up a conversation with a lady first. Get to know her, and then sprinkle the compliments listed above from time to time.

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