What To Text Ladies From Asia To Leave Them Swooning

You know, when you meet ladies from Asia online, and you want to leave them swooning, you have to understand the difference in dating culture. That’s one major key to making ladies from Asia fall for you. For example, did you know that Asian women are into chatting, texting, and video calling? Let’s focus on texting because the more you text, the more you show your interest in a lady.

Asian Date | What To Text Ladies From Asia To Leave Them Swooning

Text Messages That Make Ladies From Asia Feel Special

But what do you say in a text message that will make ladies from Asia feel special? We’ve got you covered. Assuming that you’ve already met online and have been corresponding for about a week, you can try the following suggestions:

1. Missing a particular trait.

Since you’ve already made the first connection, ask yourself what trait you like most about one Asian lady you’re chatting with online. Once you’ve pinpointed one specific feature, text the Asian lady saying that you miss this specific trait of hers. For example: “I’m at work right now. I miss seeing you smile when we video chat”.

2. Something that reminded you of her.

Asians love all things cute. When you pass by something really adorable, like a stuffed animal, take a picture of it and send it to the Asian woman you’re interested in. Don’t forget to include, “I passed by a toy store and saw this cute stuffed panda. It reminded me of you.”

3. Wish she was with you.

Did you have a long day at work? Maybe sending a text will make you feel better. Tell your Asian lady how bad a day you’ve been having and that you wish she were with you so she can make your day brighter. For example: “I had such a long day at work. I wish you were here with me. Your jokes always lift up my mood.”

Remember not to restrict yourself to the examples you’ve read on this list. Get creative! If you can’t think of anything right now, take it as a challenge. Get to know ladies from Asia who you’re interested in and then go from there. Also, don’t forget that you can meet plenty of Asian ladies on the Asian Date website so make sure you check it out.