What Women Love And Hate About Modern Men

Dear modern men, although your perspectives about every aspect of life are enlightening and refreshing, some women think that there are trade-offs to your modern view of the world. If you want to improve your dating life, you better read up on what women love and hate about your modern perspective.

Asian Date: What Do Women Love And Hate About Modern Men
There are certain aspects of modern men that women don’t like.

Asian Date: Women’s View Of The Modern Men

Dating has come a long way, giving more power and independence to women, but there will always be pros and cons to this as the title suggests. Knowing what women like and dislike about modern men could help you adjust yourself before you dive into the dating scene of today. So, what do women like and dislike about the gentlemen of today?

The Best Thing About Modern Men

More power and independence for women – this is the first thing that females like about modern gentlemen. They don’t expect the woman just to stay home anymore. Women can do the approaching or the first move if she likes. When in a relationship, it’s also likely that the modern man will encourage or support his woman when it comes to her career. Gender roles are not that prominent anymore, too. There are tiny hints of it left, but society has recognized the independent women.

Because of this change in perspective, modern males are getting less intimidated to approach a successful and driven woman.

The Worst Thing About Them

Because gender roles have been diminished, some modern males have also taken it upon themselves to be more fluid and feminine with their style. For example, some men paint their nails and wax their eyebrows. Some women do find this attractive, but a majority of women still want a man who maintains his masculinity in the way he dresses and acts.

Another aspect that women don’t like about modern men is the speed at which their maturity develops. Not all modern men have this problem, of course, but it’s still something you should keep in mind.

How Is This Helpful To The Modern Man?

If you’re good at reading between the lines, all of this means that women want to date a guy who looks masculine on the outside, but has a fresh perspective on the world on the inside and is responsible and mature. Are you this guy? If not, you have all the time in the world to improve yourself. We hope that this has been helpful. Don’t forget to visit Asian Date website if you’re looking for modern Asian women to date.