What You Don’t Know About Dating Korean Women

If you’ve been dating online for a while, you’ve probably picked up tidbits from a particular dating cultures. But, there will still be certain aspects of a dating culture that you could miss. Today we are going to clear some things up when it comes to dating Korean women.

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Surprising Facts About Dating Korean Women

If you are dating Korean women, you probably already know that you have to pick up the bill, treat them as princesses, carry their bags and never miss an anniversary or any date that’s significant to the relationship. Here are other aspects of the Korean dating culture that you may not be familiar with:

1. Korean women may have an ideal type for marriage.

Whoever a Korean woman is dating may not necessarily be her ideal type for a husband. This means that who she’s dating may not be the person she will marry. Koreans, just like any other Asians, place enormous importance on financial security, reliability, and strong family values.

Ask a Korean woman what her ideal type for marriage is, and you’ll see what we mean.

2. The more you like someone, the more you text.

Koreans love to text, and when you’re dating one, you’ll find that there’s no 3-day rule when it comes to texting after a first date. The rule of thumb is simple; the more you like someone, the more you text. So, keep your phone with you at all times for a major texting marathon.

3. Korea has am interesting couples culture.

Here’s an interesting dating culture aspect: Korea is big on “couples culture.” This means that there are restaurants, activities, shirts, bags, and even shoes that are specifically for couples.

If you see a boyfriend and a girlfriend walking down the streets of Seoul wearing matching shirts, you’ve just witnessed what the “couples culture” is all about – everything matching and done together.

4. Kisses in public are still a NO-NO.

There are certain public displays of affection that you can get away with when you are in Korea. Holding your partner’s hands, for example, is ok. Having your arm on her is ok too. But, kissing in public? You can forget about it for the meantime. Wait until you get to a place where no one is watching.

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