Where Does Jealousy In Relationships Come From?

Jealousy in relationships is something that’s common. Most of us conclude that it’s a natural feeling to have, popping up whenever the situation calls for it. But, what’s the real reason why we get jealous? Where does jealousy in relationships come from?

Where Does Jealousy In Relationships Come From? | Asian Date

Why Do We Feel Jealousy In Relationships And What To Do About It

Jealousy in itself is not a problem. The issue comes from other emotions and actions that jealousy gives birth to. We act in ways that could potentially hurt our partner because we feel green all over.

The main cause of out jealousy isn’t the external trigger (your partner likes some other person’s photo on Facebook, your partner receives emails from people you don’t know). No, these are merely triggers.

Backtrack to the jealous you’ve had. Recall the inner conversations you’ve had with yourself during those times. What was the conversation about? What’s causing your jealousy is that inner voice telling you a whole bunch of negative things about your partner and about yourself.

Why This Internal Voice Is Dangerous To Your Relationships

This inner voice we all have is very critical. It hinders us from believing that we are truly loveable. The voice says that we need to keep our partner at a distance because he or she will hurt us in the long run. It also fosters suspicion, keeping us from trusting our partner fully.

Where Did This Voice Come From?

This voice is rooted in our childhood experiences. If we felt neglected and ignored as a child, we may have carried this insecurity into our adulthood. It forms the jealousy in relationships we face.

Getting Over Jealousy In Relationships

The best way to get over jealousy in relationships is to identify which opinion is yours, and which opinion is that of the inner voice. It’s going to take a while for you to clearly identify which is which, but the best way to do it would be to challenge what the voice says. If it says that your partner is cheating, challenge it by asking yourself if there is proof or not.

The more that you question the negative voice within you, the more logical your thoughts will become. Eventually, you’re going to minimize the jealousy that’s been affecting yourself and your partner. For more tips similar to this, read our blog.