Who Is More Romantic, Men Or Women? Science Decided

The battle of the sexes continues. When it comes to mushy stuff, romance, and grand gestures of love, you would automatically assume who is more romantic. Without a doubt, the majority of us would say women because, innately, ladies are caring, loving and nurturing. But, science may have a different answer.

Who Is More Romantic, Men Or Women? Science Decided | Asian Date

Is Your Answer To The Question, “Who Is More Romantic?” Accurate?

A study done by researchers from the Illinois State University assessed which gender fell more for grand passions and ideals through a series of statements. Each participant was made to rate statements that pertained to dating and relationships. For example, “If I love someone, I know I can make the relationship work, despite any obstacles”. They had to determine the extent of their agreement with different statements. Researchers called this the “romantic beliefs scale”.

Can you guess who scored higher on the romantic meter? The results showed that men are more inclined to romantic gestures, thoughts of passion, and all that jazz. It’s surprising, but it’s true.

Men Are More Romantic

Some reading this now may not agree with the notion, but when you think about it, it’s the men who purchase expensive gifts and make grand gestures in the name of love. Even in the fairytales that we have been told as children, it was Prince Charming who rescued the damsel in distress from the ogre, witch, or dragon. The princess or damsel merely wanted to be rescued.

A Note To Women

Now that we know who is more romantic, maybe we should start appreciating the men in our lives who fill it up with love and romance. Also, it could be time that women give men a break and assume the role of the more romantic partner. Do something nice for the man in your life from time to time. Your man will thank you for it and your relationship will become stronger and better.

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