Why An Average Date Is Worse Than A Bad Date

We’ve all been on that date. She looks ok, she has an average job, her interests are alright but a little too ordinary, she comes from a happy home, her sense of humor is not bad, but if you are honest, the date is just ‘alright’ and no one falls in love with just ‘alright’. And it doesn’t take you anywhere as a person either. Which is why an average date is even worse than an actual bad date.

Why is an average date even worse than a bad one?
Are there lessons to be learned from an average date?

What Makes An Average Date Bad For You?

Even though we, by nature, pay more attention to the extreme ends of the relationship spectrum, i.e. the flying sparks perfect dates and the get-me-out-of-here worst dates, it is, in fact, the average ones that don’t help us move on in life. Here’s why.

Nothing To Write Home About

An average date that’s just ‘alright’ has no narrative potential. Who cares about that date that just went on and on with no interesting things happening? Bad dates, on the other hand, make some amazing stories you can tell your friends and laugh your hearts out one day (if not immediately).

Filled With Uncertainty

When you hit it off with someone on a first date, you definitely know that you want to go on another. When the date is really bad, you are certain that you don’t. What happens when a date is so-so, though? You feel like you need to think long and hard. Do you want to know more about her? Would seeing her again be a waste of time? What if you go into a relationship that’s just OK? Would that be enough? Would things improve in time? There’s too much thinking and doubting involved for such a lukewarm feeling.

No Lesson Learned

What are bad experiences the best for? Giving us life lessons. Think about all the bad things that have happened to you; a love you lost, a bad job interview, the demise of someone dear – they may have been really hurtful, nasty and unpleasant, but, at the end of the day, they turned into valuable life lessons that made you stronger and more self-confident.  On the other hand, an experience that’s neither here nor there will come and go, leaving you unchanged and unimproved.

We are not saying that you should be deliberately going after bad dates, of course. What we are saying is that you should be thankful for them, as an average date, common as it may be, is an experience that has no real effect on your life.