Could Daygame Be Better Than Going To Bars?

From a dating perspective, going out at night in bars is like a going on a big hunt in the jungle. All parties are dressed, poised, and on the lookout for the next available person to catch their interest and reciprocate it. So many people put so much effort and attention to the night time dating game. But, did you know that daygame could actually work to your advantage?

Could Daygame Be Better Than Going To Bars? | Asian Date

Why The Daygame Is Right For You

Since the vast majority of singles are not thinking about mingling and hooking a date during the day, it is easy for you to stand out. In bars at night, where it is dark and everybody is dressed to kill, it would be hard to get people’s attention.

Meanwhile, trying to strike a conversation in the park, the subway, or a café will most definitely make you noticeable. But, you just have to prepare yourself for rejection, albeit unintentionally. You see, during the day, people can be preoccupied with other things like errands and such and they would not expect to find somebody hitting on them.


Daygame is more convenient because you can do it anytime while just doing your thing. You can be walking the dog, jogging, biking, taking the bus, or even doing the grocery. Notice the people around you and find the opportunity to strike a conversation.

More Transparency

Yes, everything is more transparent—literally and figuratively. Everything is in the light of day. And, since you are sober, you are most likely to see through the inner person of the person you’re talking to. You can talk about mundane things and the interests that you share.

Sometimes, when you are drunk and in the bar and aided by colored lights, everything seems all rosy and romantic. But, that backdrop masks the reality and is most of the time detrimental to your judgment. You won’t have that in the daygame.

If You Are Not A Partygoer

Sometimes, a person feels forced or pressured to go to the bar just because he or she feels that it’s the only logical place to find a date (aside from online dating). But, this is forcing yourself to be something you are not. For the daygame, you get to be yourself. Plus, it is more likely that you will find somebody who is also not a partygoer like you.