Why Do You Fall In Love So Easily With Single Asian women?

You have to admit, single Asian women have this unique allure to them that no other women have. Most would refer to this attraction as “yellow fever” on the count of Asians having a yellow undertone to their skin. So what causes “yellow fever”? Is it a right kind of “fever” to have? And, why do a lot of men fall for single Asian women easily?

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Reasons Why Men Fall for Single Asian Women

Let’s answer each of the questions mentioned with the following reasons why a majority of men who are into online dating sign up to Asian dating websites, meet single Asian women, and then fall for every girl they meet.

1. The pre-conceived notion of an Asian lady.

Have you ever heard the experts say that most of us fall in love with the idea of love or the idea that we have on the other person? What we’re thinking of may be true and it may not. But, most likely, we are only projecting our idea of a perfect partner to that person.

2. Believing in stereotypes.

Believing in stereotypes is probably the best reason why a lot of men fall head over heels for single Asian women too quickly. Just to give you an idea, people view women from Asian as submissive, subservient, and willing to do your every whim. The truth is, you’ll be surprised at how untrue most of these stereotypes are, but a lot of foreign men believe them anyway.

3. Already lonely.

When you’re alone, you are vulnerable. The first person that gives you attention and makes you feel better will automatically have a space in your heart, do you agree? If you’re in this mental state, you’ll quickly open up to anyone, not just single Asian women.

4. A spark!

Sometimes, it is as simple as feeling a spark. Love at first sight or whatever you call it plays a significant role in men falling for Asian women quickly. It could be the Asian lady’s appearance, or it could be something she wrote on her profile, a spark doesn’t really have an explanation for it.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the fourth item on this list, but you should be careful with the first three. The best thing to do is get to know the person, spend time with the person online and see where it goes from there. For more Asian dating tips, don’t hesitate to visit the blog.