How To Win A Heart Of A Chinese Woman

Winning the heart of a Chinese woman is no easy feat. Even though everyone is different in their desires and thoughts about what makes them happy, there are still several things foreign men can do to make a Chinese lady feel special. Here is a small list of things you can do to make her feel great about herself.

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A Heart of A Chinese Woman Will Be Yours If You Do This

1. Be Romantic and Be a Gentleman

Gentleman – a man who is well mannered, dresses well and treats his date as a lady. He opens doors, helps her to her seat, pays for most things like gifts, dinners, theater tickets and so on but doesn’t feel small if the lady offers to pay at times.

Romantic – A man who brings the woman flowers just because it is Tuesday. A man who takes his lady to a romantic candlelight dinner and surprises her with little texts and late night phone calls. A guy that knows his way around the literary world and can cite a line or two.

2. Be Close to Your Family

Asians are normally very tight with their family and that is precisely why you need to impress her and her family. Showing her that you value and respect your parents and other family members will make her feel at ease with you.

3. Be a Good Provider

Chinese society is still rather conservative and it has great influence over how people act and what they believe to be right. Thanks to that, a man still must be the one that is providing for the family. This can also be a positive thing, especially if the men dating these women happened to grow up in families with similar values.

4. Value Her Culture and Traditions

Showing respect for someone’s culture is a great way to break ice between people. It is a good idea to both remember important dates and also learn about what each holiday and tradition is about. Doing this will provide you with great insight into how the minds of the people in China operate. It is a great path to take to understand your future girlfriend much better.

5. Show Interest in Her Person

Last but not least – show genuine interest in who she is as a person. You may say that you are already interested in her. That is true but if you think about it, are you focusing on the real her or some stereotypes? While some stereotypes are probably true, it is much more important to get a sense of her personality. Dedicate time to getting to know her as a person.

Extra Advice

These five tips about how to win the heart of a Chinese woman are crucial but another thing is very important. Do not forget to be yourself. Pretending to be the perfect prince will not help you get far. Simply show her the true you and in time she will be as invested as you are.

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