Things You Think Women From Asia Care About But They Don’t

Most people believe that women from Asia are sensitive when they are in relationships. This idea is most probably popular because of how Asian women are portrayed in Asian romantic comedy movies – immature, whiny, and childish. If movies are all you have to base how Asian females are, then you’ll be in for a surprise.

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Women From Asia Don’t Really Care About These Things In Your Relationship

When it comes to being in relationships, you should understand that Asian ladies aren’t any different than any other women in the world. If you meet younger ones, you’ll get a little bit of whining and the immaturity, but Asian ladies who are independent and secure won’t care about the following when they are in a relationship with you:

Appreciating Other Women

It’s OK to have crushes and to find other women beautiful when you are in a relationship with Asian women. Why? Because it is realistic. Your Asian girlfriend probably has a few crushes of her own.

Having Girl Friends

Having girls who are just your friends is fine. Your girlfriend also has boys who are just friends with her too. It is not a big deal to Asian women that you have friends of the opposite gender. Jealous Asian girlfriends might mind, but the key is to be honest with your girl. Just make sure to balance spending time with girl friends and your girlfriend.

Forgetting Details Of The Relationship

Forgetting what happened three years ago on your anniversary is also not a big deal. For Asian women, dates are important, so you have to remember those, but don’t worry if you forgot what color shirt she was wearing when you decided to become a couple.

Your Money

There are a lot of Asian women who value their independence. This means that they like earning their own money, living alone, buying things for themselves and so on. No matter how much money you have in the bank, an Asian woman who is independent will look passed that.

The bottom line is, Asian women are not as sensitive as you think. Many are open-minded, independent and very mature at a younger age. Don’t be so careful when you’re in a relationship with one because you’re not walking on thin ice. For more dating reminders, tips and advice, check out the rest of posts on our blog.