It Turns Out That Women On Dating Apps Are Mainly After This One Thing

With less and less free time on our hands and more and more time spent on our mobile phones, it is only logical that we are turning to technology to find a partner. However, even though this kind of search has been accused many a time of being the platform for one-night stands and casual flings, a new research proves the opposite is true – at least when it comes to women on dating apps.

What do women on dating apps really want?
The truth is out: women on dating apps want this.

What Are Women On Dating Apps Really Looking For?

Trying to figure out what it is that dating apps users seek, Clue – a health app for women- teamed up with the sex researchers of Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute for a revealing research. Together they surveyed 140,000 people (96% of them women) in 198 countries to get more insight on the ways dating apps have affected their relationships and their sex lives. Their findings might surprise you.

According to the research, one-third (34%) of Americans have used apps to find sexual or romantic partners in their lives. However, the kinds of relationships women are seeking are not just casual flings. Out of all participants, 15% reported using apps to find a partner, compared to a mere 10% who said they were actually looking for hook-ups.

A Closer Look At The Findings 

Looking closely at the results of American participants in the research, an impressive 36% responded that they were looking for either a short or long term relationship; a much smaller 11% said they were fine with one-night stands, and an even smaller 9% said they were after a regular sex partner for a no-strings-attached connection. Can you guess what type of relationship came last on their list? It is friends with benefits, as women seem to value clarity and sincerity when it comes to the type of relationship they are in.

In a nutshell, ladies on dating apps are more likely to be looking for someone with whom to form a long-lasting, romantic relationship rather than a casual hook-up; with the latter not excluded but quite limited. The one thing they seem to dislike, however, is not knowing exactly where they stand.