Women Reveal The Things They Hate About Your Dating Profile

If there is one thing for sure when it comes to dating, it is the fact that it has changed forever. Today, most people are too busy running their everyday lives to actually flirt with someone they know nothing about; opting instead for a match they actually have some control over. This is where online dating comes in. And this is where your dating profile becomes a matter of great importance.

Your dating profile shouldn't be like this.

Your Dating Profile Shouldn’t Feature These Things

Sometimes a good way to start is by known what not to do. When a Reddit user asked women to talk about the things men write on their dating profiles that are deal-breakers, they were very vocal about these things. Take note.

#1. “I’m above online dating, don’t know why I’m here”

Deal-breaker number one is when someone who is on a dating profile is too embarrassed about it to even admit it on his actual online dating profile. Dude, if you’re not cool about it, don’t do it. As user airfrommylungs puts it, “Anything that insinuates you’re too good to be on [insert dating site here]. If you were really too good for Tinder, you wouldn’t be on Tinder.”

#2. Sounding whiny and oversensitive

Anything along the lines of ‘just tired of games’ or ‘looking for someone who is real.’ You sound like a whiny person who has some serious baggage”, laments LookingforPonchu. “Putting a quote in their bio about how most women are crazy and how he’s looking for a woman who isn’t crazy”, adds chickenandnuggies. We all have a history, there’s no need to put it out there for everyone to see your past relationship failures.

#3. Complaining about women to women

“(..) complaining about other women on the dating site. I’ve read stuff like “women on [dating site] are shallow anyway!” Or when they message you like “you probably won’t read this anyway, women never do” Just… don’t complain about us to us. We don’t know you,” says user cmc. You can’t seriously expect ladies who don’t even know you to want to prove you wrong when you talk about how shallow or indifferent they are. Who wants to struggle from the word go? Dating is meant to be fun.

#4.  Shirtless mirror selfies

Sure, you may be ripped and proud of yourself, but that shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of your dating profile. You could throw in a photo of your torso, but if that’s the only thing you have to show, ladies won’t bother. “Blank profiles. Profiles that make it clear you are deeply full of yourself. Ones with shirtless mirror photos”, eriee is living proof they won’t. (For advice on what your profile photo should be like, click here.)

#5. The partner in crime

“I’m also sick of guys looking for a partner in crime. Don’t say it unless you really mean it!”, complains Reddit user ivy_carson, and Tsquare43 sarcastically adds: “I’m a 39 SWM, looking for a partner in crime. I am seeking to rob the First National Bank on Market St at 7th Ave. I need someone who has a steady hand and who can drive stick. After that I plan to commit insurance fraud, if you are good with computers, let’s bilk some old ladies out of their money…” As far as clichés go, women don’t love them. This is one of the most widely used, and it’s (clearly) not working.

#6. Hostility

Everyone has some needs and preferences, and some priorities too. No need to be aggressive though. As Bethberryjuice describes: “’No drama or liars!’, ‘My kid comes first. You don’t like that, tough.’ So hostile…” Keep your tone nice, polite and light. No one is trying to do you wrong.

These are some of the most serious deal-breakers when it comes to your dating profile. As you know, your dating profile is your mirror when it comes to online dating. So, if you have committed one or more of these crimes on yours, get correcting ASAP.