Worst Pickup Lines On Online Dating Sites

It’s time to examine how your online dating game has been. How many of your online dates turned into relationships or dates IRL (in real life)? If you don’t know the answer because there were so many from online dating sites, that’s awesome for you. But, if zero is your answer, it’s time to improve your game.

Avoid Using These Worst Pickup Lines On Online Dating Sites
Do you think you can date this lovely Asian woman if you use any of these lines on her? / Photo Source: www.araspot.com

The Pickup Lines That Will Never Work On Online Dating Sites

Just like a car, your dating skills on online dating sites are going to need an overhaul. It’s going to be a long process because you can’t just learn new skills or develop the ones that you have overnight.

However, we can start with something easy like pickup lines. Here’s a list of pickup lines you should avoid at all costs because they may very well be the worst lines in the online dating world:

1. “I misplaced my teddy bear, can I hug you while I sleep instead?”

Do you think that this is a decent pickup line? If your answer is yes, it’s a sign that you need to do something about your opening lines. This line is too cheesy to work, and it makes you sound like you just want to sleep with the woman you’re chatting with online.

2. “Did you star in any of the Transformers movies? Because you look like Optimus Fine.”

Is there a need to expound on how bad this pickup line is? Optimus Fine is just plain bad; there are no other words for it. As a matter of fact, don’t take movie characters and then alter their names into something weird-sounding for a pickup line.

3. “You need some Vitamin C in your life – as in Vitamin See me tonight.”

Any woman who will hear this opening line in online dating sites will drop whoever it is that used this line. The line sounds like it is trying really hard to be impressive and funny.

4. “You’re the next contestant in the game of love.”

Let’s switch the tables for a change. If you were approached on online dating sites with this opening line, would you ever reply to the person? Probably not.

The lines on this list are so bad because they are cheesy, they’re trying too hard to be funny, and they are not original. The lesson we can all learn from these is that you can always make a positive connection with ladies on online dating sites if you introduce yourself and then get a decent conversation going.

We hope that this has been helpful, and we also hope that you avoid any pickup lines that sound like any of the ones on this list. We have more dating tips on the blog so check them out after reading this and please visit AsianDate to meet Asian ladies.