Wrong Ideas About Attracting Single Asian Women

Single Asian women would appreciate it if you don’t read too much into myths you’ve heard from a friend of a friend who says he is an expert in dating Asian women. Well, it doesn’t have to be a friend of a friend. It could be through gossip or online dating blogs that give you misinformation. The bottom line is, if you’re getting your tips from unreliable sources, that could be one reason why you don’t have an Asian girlfriend yet.

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Myths VS Truths About Attracting Single Asian Women

There have been so many posts on the internet about tips on how to attract single Asian women and be successful at dating them online, but you’ll be surprised that most of the tips you’ve read are outdated and inaccurate.

For example, here are common misconceptions that you still believe about attracting women from Asia.

1. Single Asian ladies like it when you act “macho.”

This is a myth! The truth is Asian women don’t like men who are the macho-types. If a guy is too rough, too confident, too loud, too buff, ladies will most likely look the other way. Why do think Asian girls go crazy for K-pop and J-pop stars? Have you ever seen any macho K or J-pop idol?

2. She’s the serious type, for sure.

This is a myth! Not all Asian women are looking for a serious relationship. Yes, the culture the women came from is traditional and strict, but that doesn’t mean that all Asian women aim to be married. For example, according to the Statistics Bureau, the marriage rate is declining while the marriage age is rising in recent years.

3. I have to be super funny, or she won’t be interested.

This is a myth! If a single Asian woman likes you, you don’t have to go through a needle’s eye to impress her. Knowing this will take loads of pressure off, do you agree? You still have to be the perfect gentleman, though.

Again, don’t believe in stereotypical ideas about single Asian women and what you have to do to attract them. You have to consider cultural differences, of course, but Asian women are just like any other women in the world. Share this post if you agree! We have more helpful posts on our blog so make sure to check them out.