You’re In A Happy Online Relationship If You Recognize Yourself In This

There’s so much talk about bad relationships and ways a relationship can go wrong that sometimes it is easy to doubt yourself and your own happiness in a relationship. Here are the signs to look for that say you really are in a happy online relationship (and should stay there).

The signs to look for if you want to know whether you're in a happy online relationship.
Look for these signs of a happy online relationship.

Are You In a Happy Online Relationship?

If you can see some or all of the following signs in your own relationship, then the answer is most probably “yes”.

  • You have established a friendship with each other.

First and foremost, you need to be able to confide in her, so the best and happiest relationships are the ones where both partners feel they can be themselves, not a stereotype of the kind of partner others might want them to be.

  • You can communicate your thoughts openly.

This does not mean that you agree on everything. There is no person who would agree 100% with everything we say, but if you can express your opinions and ideas without fear of being overly criticized or ridiculed, it means you have an open channel of communication; and that’s rare these days.

  • You accept each other unconditionally.

You don’t love the kind of person you would want your partner to be, you love who she actually is. You are happy to accept her bad sides too, even find them funny and endearing. And she does the same with you. Most people have relationships with an ideal partner who only lives in their head.

  • You are up for adventures together.

Whether this means big adventures or small ones is up to you – but learning new things, discovering new places together and adding a bit of mystery in the relationship mix is a sign you find each other intriguing and fun to be around.

  • You can bounce back from a fight.

It is inevitable that arguments will happen. What matters is that you come out of them with a positive outcome and be able to leave it all behind you and move on, instead of keeping scores of who is right most times.

  • You can express your feelings and be affectionate.

Being open about how you feel and being able to show your feelings are very important factors in a romantic relationship, and doing these things without second thoughts means that you are both open and secure in your relationship.

Now you know the signs of a happy online relationship, you can judge if yours fits the bill, or if you need to look for one that does.

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