Overview of AsianDate Online Dating Services


Asian Dating with AsianDateOne of the newest members of the popular AnastasiaDate family is AsianDate, an international dating services company, which focuses on providing potential romantic links between exotic single Asian women and single men from other parts of the world.

Since AsianDate is passionately dedicated to innovation, service and member safety, very much similar to its sister company, it has resulted to a whopping combined number of 150 million online visitors per year. Not only that, an estimate of about 2.5 million conversations take place onsite on a daily basis – imagine how many people are being connected every day! The company operates in countries like China and the Philippines with about 300 full time staff to help bring the best possible services to respective clients.

Asian Date offers services like Date a Lady as well as translation services that a client can avail of when the need arises. The online interface of the company also holds various tools for communication. These include CamShare, Email Correspondence, Call Me, Live Chat, Flowers and Presents, and more.

Even though AsianDate is just one of the many members in AnastasiaDate’s comprehensive international dating networks, it has lived up to its expectations of excellence and it has, indeed, made a difference in the lives of thousands of couples.

Company Goal

There is only one goal for Asian Date and that is to help connect one wandering heart from this side of the globe to another wandering heart from another side of the globe. Just from reading the company’s goal, you can tell that the job requires a lot of processes in between, especially if you’re talking about interracial relationships.

Thankfully, AsianDate is on the top of its game providing excellent and appropriate dating services with an equally excellent provision of security so clients can have the right kind of online dating experience.

Services & Tools

To further understand the services and tools that AsianDate offers, here’s a quick overview on each one that’s available on the website :

1. Correspondence

Correspondence is basically communication through writing or emailing. Since there are people who find it difficult to express themselves through verbal communication, especially when talking to a beautiful woman for the first time, this wonderful system exists.

There are different forms of it that you will see on the website:

 Love Note – Once a member clicks on Love Note on the lady’s profile, he will be directed to another page that will show a premade short note to be sent to the lady. The member can choose what to put on the note by simply clicking on the left or right arrow.

Some of the premade notes include:

  • I love your smile… Will you take a minute to check out my profile? I may be just what you’re looking for…
  • I’m looking for a life partner just like you. Give me a chance to know you better?
  • I was very impressed with your profile. Are you interested in me? Let me know…

→ Email Me – This function allows a member to communicate to a lady in the form of an email. When composing one, 20000 characters are allowed which should be enough to express any kind of intent to the lady.

2. Live Chat and CamShare

This tool allows a member to send messages and get responses in real time. There are several features within this tool. There’s two way chatting, video usage, games and virtual gifts. There’s no need to schedule a chat session; a member automatically gets instant access and the credits are automatically deducted for every minute spent using this tool.

3. Virtual Gifts

A variety of virtual gifts are available onsite. These virtual gifts serve as fun stickers that will stay on a lady’s profile for 7 days. Optionally, a message can also be attached if needed.

4. Flowers and Presents

Asian Date recognizes that sometimes it’s necessary to show affection in the form of flowers and other romantic presents. This is what Flowers and Presents is all about. Once this option is clicked on a lady’s profile, the page will be redirected to another page that shows you different options for flowers and presents.

On that page a member will see special presents such as jewelry, sets like flowers and a plush toy, gift baskets, single flowers and bouquets. The prices are also posted. AsianDate will make sure that the flowers and/or presents you order will arrive to the lady’s doorstep.

5. Call Me

The Call Me feature allows a member and a lady to have a conversation over the phone. This session has to be scheduled 24-hours before to ensure that both parties are available. In this case, an interpreter is needed to translate the conversation.

6. Date Me

This is the last but not the least feature. This allows the member to meet with a lady he’s been corresponding with on AsianDate.com. The main purpose of the Date Me service is to determine compatibility and chemistry which can only be determined through a one on one meeting. In order to avail of this service, AsianDate has imposed a minimum of 5 letters and 5 replies between the member and the lady to avoid misunderstanding of intention.

Social Channels

To get more updates and exciting news about AsianDate, you can go ahead and visit any one of its social media profiles found below:

AsianDate Facebook AsianDate Twitter AsianDate G+ AsianDate Pinterest AsianDate LinkedIn AsianDate Instagram AsianDate Youtube

Each one of these social media profiles give you news on lady’s individual profiles, updates on the Asian Date frontier, success stories, new blog entries and more.

There’s also a nifty mobile app that’s available for everyone to download. As long as the mobile phone the app is downloaded on is connected to the internet, the registered member will be able to online date through AsianDate.com anytime, anywhere. Access the app here.

Anti-Scam Policy

For AsianDate, a number of qualities and achievements make it what it is today but the most important out of all of these qualities and achievements is its anti-scam policy. Very much like its sister company AnastasiaDate.com, the website takes pride in protecting its members from scams and scammers.

All of the activities, as well as the 2.5 million conversations that happen onsite daily, are closely monitored. AsianDate’s expert team from all over the world keep a watchful eye on all of the happenings onsite to make every members’ experience a good one.

There are, however, cases of misunderstanding that need to be addressed. These are circumstances that have put blame on AsianDate, as well as its sister company. These would include:

Mistakes in translating the letter.
* If the lady you’ve been chatting to refuses to meet without their “Date Me” service.
* If a lady doesn’t provide answers to all the questions in an email.
* If a lady expresses not being interested after a meeting.
* If a lady has photos of her (male) friends, ex-partners, ex-husbands or any other personal information posted on any social network.

In other cases where claims are legitimate, any member can rest assured that appropriate action will be taken against the offense and the offender.

AsianDate’s Additional Tips for Safety

1. NEVER send money. This is the number one online dating rule for good reason.
2. Arrange dates through the “Date Me” Service to ensure your safety. It also makes the other party, the lady, feel more comfortable and confident to meet you.
3. When corresponding onsite, clearly state your expectations to avoid misunderstandings.
4. You may exchange contact information with the lady. The best way of doing this is through the “Call Me” Service.
5. Once in a while, conduct a video chat with your lady to confirm her identity.
6. If you suspect any foul play or any wrongdoing or misleading, contact Asian Date’s customer service number right away so the matter can be investigated.

Success Stories

The company is proud to share happy love stories of members who have successfully found their other half on AsianDate.com. Here are just a few stories which prove that true love can be found online:

Micheal and Ronjhee
Having met on the website, Micheal and Ronjhee chatted almost every day for nine months. Micheal felt an instant connection when he saw Ronjhee for the first time. They exchanged many letters and got the chance to truly get to know one another. One day, Micheal arranged a phone call so he could hear the voice of “his angel” (in his own words). To show that he was really insecure, he ordered gifts of flowers and chocolates to be sent to Ronjhee.
Afterwards, Micheal booked a Date Me service so he could see Ronjhee face to face. And so, he did and spent 6 days in the Philippines. He expressed his hearfelt thank you to AsianDate.com for being the instrument of his and Ronjhee’s meeting. They are currently happily in love.

Robert and Ying
For their first conversation together, Robert was assisted by an interpreter named Victor. Robert knew that there was something special about Ying and so, as time passed by and as they got to know each other better, Robert decided to propose to Ying. The happy event was conducted in a hotel where Robert and Ying were supposed to have dinner. The AsianDate staff helped Robert make all the preparations for the big reveal. Ying’s answer? She coyly answered Robert with a big YES.

Steve and Linda
Steve, just like any other guy out there, was fed up of being on several online dating sites and not finding honest profiles. He gave AsianDate a shot to see if he had any luck on the website. Instead of looking at the beautiful pictures that women had on their profiles, he decided to focus more on what was written on their descriptions because he wanted to find someone he could relate to. Luckily, he came across Linda’s profile.

After a period of time, Steve wrote the website saying that he and Linda are planning to get married on the day that they first met on AsianDate.com which is August 5th.

Why is AsianDate different?

Anyone can be sure that they are in good hands as soon as they sign up to AsianDate.com. With a sister company that started in the industry in 1993, it has the AnastasiaDate seal of approval and seal of excellence.

Chinese Women on AsianDateBecause the services are customer-based and the communications to customers are strongly established, AsianDate has gotten an edge in the international dating industry, not to mention that the company operates according to American business standards that meet all the requirement of the United States law.

Also, every member can date online with lesser worries of the profiles not being genuine or legitimate. The AsianDate customer service teams make sure that every lady that has signed up is contacted, in order for their profile to be verified and their intentions to be clarified. All of the ladies that sign up have expressed their intent of looking for a long term international relationship.

In terms of onsite tools, one can also be sure that these are top-rated and high tech to allow a certain degree of communication to take place. Despite this, AsianDate is not limited to bridging the gap with these tools only as the features are not the only answers to lonely hearts. And so, AsianDate also arranges safe and hassle free face to face meetings for potential couples.

All of these and more make AsianDate different from any other Asian online dating website in the industry.

If you’re looking for the ultimate dating experience, why not give AsianDate a try? You might just find the experience, as well as the other half of your heart, that you’ve been looking for here.

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