The Many Ways Protects its Members

AsianDate Protects its MembersIt isn’t easy to believe that a dating portal can ensure a 100% scam-free online dating experience but it looks like has pulled it off. Since its creation in 1993, AsianDate has focused on the protection of its members. Recognizing the importance of a secure dating environment, the leading dating company has put together a proven system that guarantees the safety and overall great experience of the people who have become members and are making use of the various AsianDate dating services and features.

The safety features that AsianDate uses are no secret. Each and every one of them can be found on the site and they come in the form of DOs and DONTs, scam and money back guarantee policies and also profile verification. Let’s take a closer look at AsianDate’s anti-scam advice.

AsianDate’s DOs and DONTs

AsianDate makes sure that each user, either a long time member or a new member, understands and will be reminded of the various red flags that they need to be on the look out for while dating online. Most of the DOs and DONTs are listed in AsianDate’s blog but a couple of helpful tips are also on the site itself.

They include the following:

1. Do not send money to any of the ladies.
2. Arrange your dates only via the “Date Me” service.
3. Exchange personal info with the ladies via the “Call Me” service.
4. Conduct video chats with the ladies every now and then.

Following these tips will make sure that the member’s personal data stays private and the member is able to verify the identity of a woman he is communicating with.

Profile Verification

AsianDate conducts a specific profile verification process for the ladies that sign up with the portal. The process is quite tedious yet very necessary.

Prior to adding ladies’ profiles on the portal, their passports are checked to verify their identity. Their backgrounds are also checked to confirm all claims they make about their status and what they want to include in their profile. Another requirement the ladies need to provide is a videotape interview where they are asked more questions.

Reimbursement and Scam Policies

The reimbursement and scam policies are all very clearly stated on the website to avoid all possible misunderstandings.

Despite the fact that a close eye is kept on the different activities on the site, there are some incidents that can be out of the company’s hands. These kinds of situations are clearly laid out so the members can understand them. They are as follows:

• The agency has made a mistake in translating a letter.
• If a lady won’t answer every question in an email.
• If after meeting up with a member, the lady states she has no further interest in them.

More information can be found on the portal here.

In other situations where a lady either misidentifies herself, asks for money or an expensive gift, misrepresents details about herself on her profile and so forth, AsianDate will make sure that sanctions are implemented and reimbursements paid.

On top of all of the above, there are customer service representatives on standby 24-7 to take care of all questions and complaints. Without a doubt, all of these factors help make AsianDate the company that it is today – a company that takes pride in keeping their members protected.

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